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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Pink Stars are Falling (in purple)

 Yeah, I'm a watcher of Under the Dome. Really it's been the best TV series I've watched! But this post isn't about The Dome. It just came to mind when I took the shot above with the sky was so red. It looked like the time that they thought the outside world had been destroyed.

       No Boundaries
       Color: Purple
       Style: FFNJ32006T
    To go with the Under the Dome theme we have a butterfly blouse! I have another in blue with stars.
   There is a lot going on in the front. Five ruffles going own the front so it might not be advisable for a larger in the bust lady to try this style. I'm a 32 A/B. (do you realize how hard it is to find underwear in a 32 ?!?!)
   The fabric is sheer so you need a tank top or such underneath. I'm wearing a blue top here.

  Faded Glory
Size 8A
   You can also see these in this outfit too... Hitting the Runway


    Looking at the reviews for Cover Girl Black/Brown Blaze FLAMED OUT MASCARA quite a few people hated it. I personally think it's a good natural looking mascara in opposed to the dark black ones I normally wear. It's easy to put on without a mess, but as for the wands they give you... I'm still trying to figure out how to use them right! I found instructions on for this here... FLAMED OUT MASCARA Apparently I have not been doing it quite right... well, now I know... we'll see how that goes next time... :-)

    Going with purple with the eyes too. This is a special stocking stuffer set from this Christmas. I'm a bit impressed with L.A. Colors eye shadow. Very shiny pearlescent look. Check out L.A. Colors Shadow's Dance Shadow for more about my experience with LA Color's Eye Shadow, it's DANCE PROOF!

   There was a BOGO half off sale and so for my get one I took a chance with Wet N Wild FERGIE CENTER STAGE COLLECTION PERFECT POUT LIP COLOR  . Why? The glitter! This color stood out from the others in the collection because it had a glitter to it. It's a nice purple red hue. Wasn't sure how I was going to like it but I made a good chose. It lasts well too. The best way to put it on I have found is put a coat on clean lips and let it sit there for a few minutes. Reapply again. You can even do this a third time. Try it and let me know if it works for you!!!

  • Necklace
    Mystic Blue Topaz, remember these? They were so pretty! I don't see them anymore. This necklace is a simulated Topaz. I got this one because it matched a real Mystic Blue Topaz ring I already had. But real or not "Mystic Topaz" is a treated clear stone with a coating on the back to make it iridescent. So they may not last forever but they are really pretty and thus far the coating has not chipped or done anything weird yet. I've had this one over 10 years now.

And going back to the +Under The Dome theme....

(need I say more?)

How would I look as a red head?