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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

School Girl Nostalgia

   GEORGE ME (by Mark Eisen)
 Size 4/6
 Color Charcoal Heather Grey
 Style# GL4009
 Made in China

   And yet another GEORGE ME (by Mark Eisen) Walmart's +Walmart.COM attempt to coming out with a higher in designer line. And again I found it on a clearance rack. I debated on buying it as it has a 1960's school girls look to it but after realizing I could wear a blouse under it I got it... which does nothing to make it look less like a 1960's first grader.... but I liked it!
    The fabric is modern though and comfortable to wear. Has a bit of stretch to it, aka Spandex. Not that it really needs any but it does make it more comfortable to relax in.


  •     No Label

  •     Size around a 8/10

        I also wore this blouse here: Changing Decades.
        This was my mom's blouse. I don't know how old it is but I know it's vintage. There were a lot of blouses in the 70's and 80's that were lovely but made of awful fabrics! Makes me sad cause I would wear them if they were like this one, made out of cotton or some sort of cotton blend.
        When I wore it here: Changing Decades. I didn't get a shot of the fancy work on the sleeves! Spring is coming so the arms are gonna start seeing daylight again.


    •     No Boundaries
        I have just started wearing tights again. I'm actually finding them comfortable!
        I'm quite tall so short dresses become mini's on me and I'm a classy girl, so... in comes the tights!

    • Costume Locket and Key Pin
        A real working locket with dark hot pink rhinestones and a small key charm dangle. I for some reason like the heart key concept in jewelry. I don't have a picture in this one but a swab of fabric sprayed with perfume. And if your wondering it's Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. Yeah, the real stuff! I found a fair deal after Christmas and bought it. I'd been wanting it for a year!


        Brand Unknown

       You don't find these hats in the south. This one came from a general store in NJ. I mean, how cute is this?!?!? Looks like a 1920's flapper hat!
       The round part in the center of the bow is real fur.

        Rain Shedder by Ken Meritt   

        Wool mix lined all weather coat. My mom bought this for me.



    ELF HD Blush "Headliner" *83231 +e.l.f. Cosmetics

        Not really using a foundation but did rub in some blush. "Headliner" is a very natural color on me.

       Define-a-lash for the lashes. Got a Maybelline trend going on the eyes here. I have a old thing of "Grey Matters". They still carry this set but now you get more of the light grey then the dark... ok... anyway.... I used the light grey on my lids.
       Oh and I nearly forgot, I used Elf's Eyeliner pin around my eyes. Trying to not be too dramatic with it though. I like the way this pin works. My only issue with it is that it needs to be stored up right or  it won't write right. Oh, it not water proof either... but it gets the job done other wises.
    "Purty Persimmon" is far right.

        One of my newest lips sticks to join my collection. I went out of my way to find a color called "PinkerBelle" last year after seeing it on Pinterest +Pinterest Fan Page | News, Updates & Business   I liked it so much that when I crossed a really good sell on MegaLast lipsticks I picked up two colors that popped out at me. Gotta luv the vibrant shades coming out now!

        And look who I ran into later that day!

    YODA!!!! +Star Wars