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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cherished Dupe by Body Fantasies?

   I sometimes cross paths with interesting dupes. Today I was roaming CVS and came across Body Fantasies Signature Silver Lining and tried the sample... at first sniff it hit me! Cherished by drew Barrymore's brand Flower!

   I managed to get a bottle of Cherished after Christmas for 90% off! (yeah, I'm good, lol)
  It's not my favorite but it's not bad either. I wear it now and then. To me it has very strong Vanilla & Sandalwood notes to it.

   Silver Lining is described as "An oriental floral fragrance with notes of dewy leaves, peony, sandalwood and musk."

   Cherished is "A comforting and nuzzly powdery floral featuring Lily of the Valley, Tahitian Vanilla and Creamy Sandalwood."

    So check it out yourself! If you like Cherished then I'm pretty sure your going to like Silver Lining and visa versa!