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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pintucks and Ruffles

   As a teen you would most likely  find me doing flash backs with my style from the 40's and Victorian eras. I don't do it as much now as I actually like the new trends that are current but as a teen I did not care for what other teens were wearing. A history fan I would dress the part. It's still fun to do when I find the right combo.

   Size S
   Made in China
   RN 104954

  This is a lovely Victorian/Edwardian style blouse! It's modern though 97% cotton and 3% Spandex. Blouses like these were worn in the 70's but in totally different fabrics that I can hardly wear today! They had no breathability to them at all! I have a number of them but wearing them is like wearing a plastic bag! I wish I could find a few more like this one in cotton! The front of it buttons with a flap of pin-tucking covering them. Very comfortable to wear.

 Looking through their current site they look to be pretty reasonably priced ranging from $20 - $25 for a top. They also have a clearance section as well where with half off deals! I didn't seen anything they are selling currently like mine but I will tell you my blouse is well made! Unless you run into a random GEORGEME at Wal-mart you are not going to be getting anything near this quality at that price!

  • the eagle's eye
   Size M
   RN 61847
   Made in India
   Vintage (1984 - 90's)

   This skirt is actually pieced like a quilt! I've had it a while but haven't worn it much but when I saw the blouse I thought it would look really neat with this skirt! It is 100% cotton. This skirt is definitely vintage. The company branded the name in 1984. Other then that I'm not sure of the age but I've seen a lot of clothing labels and this one I'd guess 80's to early-early 90's. It's not really dated to any era so much as in style. Has simple buttons that go all the way up the front of the skirt.

  • JINMANG Shoes
   Size 10
   Made in China
   Height 4 inches

   These are so cute! I acquired these when I was doing a run of Scrooge in NJ. The buttons are more for show. There is a zipper on the inside side of the shoe to get in and out of them.


I didn't put any foundation just blush. E.L.F. HD Blush #83231 Headliner is great! I have a lot of pink in my skin and it use to be a very hard color to find in blushes! ELF came up with the perfect natural color for me! Thank you ELF!

 This is a very unique color. Good luck should you want to buy it but there is a little story to how and why I bought it. My mom had a tube of lipstick that belonged to my Great Grandmother and I got a hold of it and liked it. Thing was the lipstick was no longer it's original color. My grandmother died in the 1970's. Something weird happened to it after 20 or 30 years and it turned this cool coral gold metallic effect. I really liked it! One day at Target I was looking at a bunch of lipsticks and found this one that looked nearly exactly like my Great Grandmother old lip stick only it was made to look like that! Pretty cool!

 This tube is an old style  lipstick that was very thick and smelled funny, I mean it was normal at the time but now lipsticks have more pleasant feels and smells to them. I still will wear it though cause it's a great color you can't find anymore! (p.s. no, I have never been harmed by using old makeup. Just use your common since like don't use something you don't know where it came from, or you had some bad illness you don't what to catch again, or it looks like it's REALLY gone bad .... just use your brains is what I'm saying ;-)

Pretty simple here. The dark blue Cover Girl Eye Enhancers "Tropical Fusion" 205 goes on your lids and using the wand drawing a line around the eye crease with Black Radiance Shadow Crème in a gold color.
 Then comes the mascara. I got this in a set of 3. Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto not so much makes you eyelashes look thicker but more long and thin and shiny black.