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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sunday in the Park


    Ruby Rox
  Size Junior 5
   RN #8785
   Style #Xmp62431
   Made in China

   This dress is ADORABLE :-) My mom liked it to an Easter egg... but she meant it in a good way ;-D
   These picture were taken after church on Mother Day.
   I don't know a lot about Rubi Rox. Their website doesn't seem to be kept up well. This brand is sold in department stores like Macy's +Macy's  and Dillards. Dresses run about $50 but a number of stores have them marked down. I'm wondering if the brand is still in production.
   Honestly, it's not the highest quality garment in my closet but it's better then what they sell at Walmart these days.
   It looks strapless in these pictures but it's not. It has thin purple elastic straps.
   This dress is a true Junior's 5 and a near perfect fit on me.


    Noboundaries (Walmart +Walmart.COM  )
   Size Junior 7/9
   Color Parchment
   RN #76290
   Style #26k111

    I've had this for years. I don't even really remember buying it. It's crochet. Use to have a matching string that weaves through the bottom and tied under the bust. Somehow it came out and I do still know where it is but I've started wearing it lately without it.


    Mossimo Supply Co (by Target +Target )
  Size 9
   Made in China  

   These shoes go well with this dress! When I bought these I thought they needed something. So I added a row of purple seed beads at the base of the first ruffle. I'm happy how it turned out!


    Christian Heart "Faith" Key Necklace

    White Tights